What We Do for You

We're up in our tree having a total blast. Come play with us!

Treefort regularly produces high-quality content every month related to fashion, beauty, and hospitality in the forms of videography, photography and copywriting. Choose to either partner with us and leverage our monthly shoots, or hire our talented team to style a shoot just for you. Either way we'll produce the following content based on your needs:

Fashion or Beauty Brand

  • Lookbook (photo or video)
  • Blog Articles
  • Social media content
  • Commercials
  • Placement of your products for exposure

Digital Signage for Retail

  • Fashion Trends
  • Style Tips
  • Beauty Instructional
  • Sponsor-able by brands
  • In-store marketing

Online Publisher

  • Blog content
  • Consistent video content
  • Slideshow of trends
  • Social media content


  • Social media content
  • Experience videos
  • Social media content
  • Digital signage content
  • Blog articles
  • Exposure in other channels

Details on Our Collaborative Approach

We love to collaborate and since we're shooting all the time its easy for you to get involved without blowing your budget.  For example: A fashion or beauty brand's products can easily be integrated into our shoots. A digital signage network can sell sponsorship to advertising brands for an ongoing fashion trend production that plays on their screens. An online publisher can request specific topics to be covered.  A hotel 'experience' video can be created while hosting one of our shoots onsite. 

Put our talents to work for you, contact us at 612-424-8340 or sales@treefortmag.com to have a conversation about how we can work together.